Version: 1.0.0

Gamification - Badges

A badge is a gamification mechanics that acts as a reward for a user who fulfill predefined actions. It has a graphical representation and can be simple, leveled, or given manually. It also grants points to the user that will allow him to progress on the levels ladder.

Badge collections and default set

A badge collection is a group of badges that can be activated together.

Potion has created a default set of badges that matches a basic community usage. It isn't activated at first, because it's not usefull for everyone but feel free to activates and uses it. Each badge comes with a graphical representation an a set of rules to be triggered

You can create your own collection in your project's administration interface. You can also duplicate the Potion collection to give you an help for a quick start.

Badge types

When you create a badge in your project's administration interface the first thing to do is to choose between four types of badges.

Every badge has a title, a description, a picture that is the graphical representation of the badge, some rules to obtain the badge and a number of points that will be granted to the user when he gets the badge.

For more details on rules and conditions, there is a dedicated section to help you.

Simple badge

This badge is the most basic one's. The user gains it when he completes the conditions linked to the badge.

Leveled badge

A leveled badge is just a group of simple badges that will chain themselves. It's up to you to create a logical chain to carry your user correctly.

It's especially usefull when the rule of this badge is a progression of data count like a number of comments created or a number of successfull buying process (if we talk about a custom event)

Every level has it's own title, graphical representation, etc. You can see an example in the Potion default badge collection

Manual badge

A manual badge does not follow any rule. It's just a badge that you can manually give to your users

Mission badge

A mission badge is similar to a manual badge as it's obtention is completely arbitrary. The difference is that the mission badge expect your user to do something unrelated to a rule that we can tracked (like something in real life) and require a validation via a user submission (a picture, etc).