Version: 1.0.0

Gamification - Levels

A level represent a goal to reach for a user. By getting badges and completing some events, a user gain points. To reach a level, an user has to get enough points. Most of the time levels are organised to be progressive and to incentive users.

Level collection

Like badges, levels are organized in groups. It's easier to activate and desactivate a specific group of level.

In your project's administration interface, under the Gamification and Levels section, Potion has a predefined set of levels that fits the classic community usage (in association with the default badge collection).

You can create your own set or duplicate the Potion set to get started with.

Create levels

To create a level, you need a title, a description, a graphical representation and a number of point to reach. Make sure to create a logical progress when choosing the amount of points to get to reach a level.