Version: 1.0.0

Gamification - Rules and events

Rules and Events are linked to badge obtention. An Event is something that happens in your Potion project, it could be a creation of content, a like, an user's profile completion, etc. A Rule is composed with one or more conditions about events. Every time an event is called, we check if it matches conditions with a rule definition.

Conditions definition

The most basic condition for a rule is compose with this formula EVENT + OPERATOR + NUMBER. You can add more conditions with a AND or OR operator.

You can also add a nested group of conditions with their own AND/OR logic.

Available Potion Events

Here is a list of all available potion events that could be use to create a rule's condition

  • User's likes count
  • User's statuses count
  • User's follows count
  • User's followers count
  • User's shares count
  • User's comments count
  • User's event participation count
  • User's articles count
  • User's contest participation count
  • Count of received likes on user's content
  • Count of received comments on user's content
  • Number of shared content created by an user
  • Number of comments on one publication
  • User has complete his profile data
  • User has a profile picture
  • User has a profile banner
  • User had a profile description
  • Number of answers to polls
  • Number of answers to surveys

Available operators

  • <= Inferior or equal
  • >= Superior or equal
  • < Strictly inferior
  • > Strictly superior
  • = Equal