Version: 1.0.0

Gamification - Summary

Gamification concept inside Potion

The core concept of Potion gamification is to enhance user experience by rewarding them for their usage of your own application.

User content creations or interactions can be taken and analysed by Potion through some pre-determined rules to reward them with BadgesAPI . Every badge comes with a specific number of points that allow the user to grind on a ladder of LevelsAPI

Kickstart your gamification

By default, Potion is furnished with a preconfigured set of rules, badges and level that match a classic usage of a social community. Badges and Level also have a default graphic representation that is free for you to use.

It isn't activated when you create your project as it isn't usefull at first for every project, so feel free to go to the gamification section inside your administration interface to activates it

Adapt gamification to your needs

You can create your own gamification rules by creating a badge collection in your project's administration interface. You can even duplicate the default collection and edit it.

Inside the rules editor, you can choose what triggers a badge according to Potion elements (like the number of created statuses for a user or the completion of the sign up process).

Moreover, it could also be anything that matters for you by using RemoteEventsAPI (like a buying process on your e-commerce website or the visit of a specific web page by your user)