Version: 1.0.0

Pages - Summary

A page is used to group content around a same structure (like a company or association page, a shop, etc) It's often also used to gather users that share the same interest (like discussions groups).

Core concept

A page is an entity in itself. Content like statuses, articles, events, etc. can be created by users as the page and inside the page.

This entity can be followed or not by the user. The follow action push the page content as activities in the user's followed Stream

A page has a privacy that could limit it's users access. By default, page are public and can be seen by everyone but you can restrict access by making them private (via invitation) or secret.

Page configurations

Pages could be as different as a company page, a shop, a discussion group, an association page, etc. Each type of page could have some differents features that does not fits for another type of page. For exemple, a shop could want to display its opening hours timetable. That does not match for a discussion groups.

To do this, each page belongs to a page configuration that gather behaviours, features, and custom stuff.

Potion has 2 defaults configuration that you can activate and use :

  • Default page (which is activated by default, and could match classic wanted behaviours like company page or discussion groups)
  • Shop (that match a shop usage)

But you can also create your own page configuration and pick behaviour that fits your needs.

For more details, please view the page configuration section.